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Why guess at what you can measure?

Technology has its place. There are many things in a putting stroke that are not discernable with the naked eye or by using traditional video. "Feel isn't real" is a common statement in golf instruction.

Dennis uses the SAM Puttlab to gain insight into how a player really does move their putter.  SAM Puttlab reveals what is real, helps identify which area(s) of technique need to be addressed, and helps demonstate and document improvement over time.

Dennis also uses SAM Puttlab as a tool to "blueprint" someone's technique when they are at a high level, so that there is something to compare to later if that player begins to struggle.

SAM PuttLab is the world’s leading and most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system.

  • Measurement of 50+ parameters

  • Auto-calibration

  • Feedback training

  • Graphic result reports

  • 3-D animation of player’s stroke

  • Tour reference data (150 PGA Tour players)

  • Gaming

SAM Puttlab

SAM Puttlabs’s 3D Animation of Player’s Stroke is a very effective tool to show the player what they really are doing versus what they think or feel they are doing!

Some Examples of SAM Puttlab Parameters:


Putter fitting based upon measurement and expertise, not on sales goals.

Dennis has custom-built his Putter Fitting Matrix with twelve right-handed heads and three left-handed heads that all have changeable weights, and with twenty-four different shaft/grip options.  There are thousands of possible putters available to “test and measure” what works best for you.


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Mitchell Golf TourGauge

Putter Bending Machine

Mitchell® TourGauge® Putter Bending Machines are number one on tour worldwide.  They have been for over 29 years. Dennis uses this machine in the putter fitting/modification processes to help achieve the correct loft and lie angles on each player’s putter.

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The Perfect Putter

The Perfect Putter is a patented device that generates a perfect roll every time.  Dennis uses this to help students learn to read greens better. With its laser aimed at the chosen location, it rolls the putt perfectly, revealing the accuracy of the read.


Wright Dynamics Laser Optics

Regardless of technique, one of the skills to great putting is the ability to start the ball on the player’s intended line. Imagination, visualization, and the skills to accurately putt to the intended path are the common threads among great putters. Laser Optics is a great tool to help to provide immediate feedback and help develop start line skill.


Sometimes the best technology for the task at hand is a simple yardstick, poker chips,  or a chalk line….

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