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DENNIS' Teaching Philosophy

Dennis is not a “method teacher”.  He does not believe there is a single, best putting technique.  There are many ways to skillfully putt, which is evidenced by the significant differences in technique amongst the best putters in golf’s history.

Dennis teaches from a framework of concepts, fundamentals, and skills.  Using that framework, his objective is to guide the player on a discovery of the combination that is effective for that person.  Some of the “big rocks” he focuses on include:

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Concepts/ Belief Systems

A player must have a clear and accurate concept of what he/she is trying to achieve before they can reliably execute it.  Some concepts are counter-productive and need to be reconsidered before improvement can occur.

Visual Perception

Everyone “perceives” the world around them differently.  This area is one where many years of traditional instruction have “come up short” of the best for players.  This is a foundational starting point for Dennis’ instruction.


Some people can coordinate their upper torso independently from their lower.  Some can’t.  Some people are more coordinated using their arms to move the putter.  There are several options.  With Dennis, players find the source of motion that is most effective, natural, and repeatable for them.

Putter Fit

An unbalanced tire on a car will work, for a while. Eventually, under enough pressure, it will fail. A player’s putter design should match their individual putting technique. Dennis helps players find the putter design that works with them and not against them.

Mental State

Every aspect of putting: Learning, Practicing,and Competing, all are greatly impacted by the player’s mental state.  This is a fertile field for quick improvement for most golfers.



Effective Practice

Many golfers do not know “what to practice” or “how to practice, effectively”. Dennis uses technology, training, and experience, to prioritize each area of a player’s need for improvement; and provides them with effective drills to improve their skills.


For the past seven years, Dennis has invested significant time and money into specific training, certifications, and technology to focus on becoming a quality putting coach.

Technology is a great thing.  However, as a world-renown golf instructor said, “Just because you have a box, doesn’t mean you know how to teach!”  That’s a sobering truth and it is why Dennis has spent so much energy studying putting, motor learning, mental skills, and the art of coaching.  Dennis’ training has come primarily from David Orr and the Science&Motion Sports company.

Because Dennis highly values continuous education and learning from other great coaches, he invests continuously in traveling to the best putting coaches in the country.  These world-class instructors are gracious enough to allow Dennis to shadow and observe how they deliver best-in-class training.  Some have become collaborative mentors and peers.

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David Orr

David Orr, PGA and Golf Digest “The Best 50 Teachers in America” is a world-renown putting instructor, researcher, and founder of Flatstick Academy. David has coached dozens of PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry Tour members. Dennis has been a student of David’s for over seven years, attended multiple conferences and certification seminars. Dennis is currently a Certified Flatstick Level 2 Instructor, has authored multiple articles and videos on the Flatstick Academy website, and is happy to call David a mentor and friend.


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Science & Motion Sports (SAM) PuttLab

Science & Motion Sports invented and sells the world’s leading putt analysis system called SAM Puttlab.  Dennis calls it, “the Trackman for putting”.  Science&Motion Sports offers both technology and certifications.  They offer 3 Levels of instructor certification.  These levels move from: “Learning how to use their product”, to “learning how to apply the information to achieve improvement”, to “understanding better how humans learn new motor skills and the coaching techniques to teach them”.  Dennis is currently the only Level 3 certified SAM Puttlab instructor in Tennessee.

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Shadow Mentors & Peers

Below are several world-class instructors, all of whom have influenced Dennis’ approach to coaching.

David Angelotti
PGA, is the lead coach at the Phil Kenyon “Putting Solution” located at Sea Island Golf Resort, GA.

Preston Combs
PGA and member of Golf Digest 2021 “Best Young Teachers” and 2022 “Best in State Teachers”.

Chris Green
PGA, 2020 Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year, and a member of Golf Digest “Best Young Teachers in America”.

Bruce Rearick
PGA, dba Burnt Edges Consulting focusing on Putting Instruction, Putter Fitting and Putter Design.

Jason Sutton
PGA and Golf Magazine “Top-100 Teacher” and Golf Digest “Best in State Teachers”

Sarah Stone
PGA and a member of 2019/2020 Golf Digest Best Teachers by State, NY.

Biv Wadden
PGA Class A Teaching Professional, Level 9 Certified Clubfitter AGCP


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