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Dennis loves to study putting, learning to putt better, learning how humans learn, and coaching golfers who are dedicated to getting better.  Check out the different ways Dennis works with golfers and the testimonials from some of his students to see how he might help you.

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 “Often a player’s putter is working against them.” In addition to correct length, lie angle, and loft, a player’s putter design and weight should match their individual putting technique. During fittings Dennis uses his custom-made Putter Fitting Matrix, which provides thousands of possible putter combinations, to help players find the putter design that works “with them and not against them”.

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Dennis begins his coaching with listening. He wants to hear the player tell their story. He needs to understand how they view themselves as putters and what beliefs they hold about themselves and putting. Understanding the individual player directs how Dennis will help the player “re-write” their story, employing a comprehensive approach that includes: putting fundamentals, green reading, mental approach, and practice routines.”


Brad Hawkins

Professional Golfer

Dennis was awesome to work with. He really knows his stuff. Dennis was able to convey the information in a way that I could understand. Most importantly, I started putting a lot better after my visit with Dennis.


Braedon Wear

Maryville, TN

I went and saw Mr. Corley the other day and it was amazing. The SAM Lab was awesome and a very cool experience. Mr. Corley spent a lot of quality time with me and understands putting very well. I highly recommend going and seeing him. 

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Forrest Atkins

Tellico Plains, TN

Dennis has helped me tremendously with my putting. His drills are always so understandable and very intuitive. Coming from a golfer who has been to the State Tournament before, I can genuinely say that he has helped me be much more confident and ready for any putting challenge I may face. And he can do the same for you!

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Rick Atkins

Tellico Plains, TN

Dennis has been my son's putting coach for a few months now and the results have been amazing! His improvement was both immediate and drastic! Dennis is very knowledgeable and can easily relate his putting knowledge to his students. I highly recommend Dennis to any age or level of golfer. He is very professional and highly personable, and you will benefit greatly from your time with him!


Dr. Barry Bridges

Knoxville, TN

Dennis has helped my putting tremendously. He has identified my weakness and the inconsistency in my putting stroke. At times I’m a great putter but there are times when I putt poorly. Dennis has identified those reasons why I putt inconsistently.  He has given me specific drills and technique changes that have enabled me to narrow the gap between my best putting days and the challenging ones! 

Tyler Neff

Professional Golfer

For the past few years I had struggled with my stroke and short putts. As a playing professional, putting is what pays the bills. The saying is true, “drive for show and putt for dough”.  Dennis gave me the knowledge that has allowed me to free myself up and use my natural athletic ability, to trust myself, and have more confidence to make more putts.  Using the profile mats and the SAM Puttlab, we could see where my struggles were.  We used that to work on the small things to improve the overall big picture, which is making more putts.  Dennis’s help and knowledge has improved my putting ten-fold.


Terry McCoy

Maryville, TN

When Dennis put me on his SAM PuttLab, I didn’t know there could be so much information from hitting a simple putt. However, Dennis helped break down the key items that are relevant for me to improve my setup and stroke.  Then he helped me feel confident in the putter that is best suited for that stroke.  I would highly recommend a session.

Dennis Corley_06

Mark Morrell

Knoxville, TN

Dennis has worked with my son, Jaden, to help with Jaden’s putting. Using his expertise and technology, Dennis has given us a reference and process to use whenever things get a bit off. Dennis has a passion for putting and has a teacher’s heart for his students. Dennis’ passion is visible in his continuous investment in educating himself by learning from industry experts, certification seminars, and conference participation.  Dennis will also potentially challenge some of your belief system about putting!

Bullet Baird

Knoxville, TN

Dennis was professional and broke everything down before we hit a putt.  That helped me understand what was about to happen. He sent me a timely follow-up report with what I might want to try in my set-up and pre-shot routine.  I look forward to diving into the art of putting with Dennis in the future.


David J. Corley, P.E.

Charlotte, NC

I have been playing golf for over thirty years but never had a putting lesson or thought anything about the importance of putter fitting. I have never been a great putter, so I went to see Dennis to help become a more complete player and to lower my scores. I absolutely loved the combination of high-tech instrumentation as well as the hands-on teaching that Dennis employs. We worked through everything from finding my personal putter swing path, alignment tendencies, to a pre-shot routine that provides me much less tension as I prepare to putt. This has resulted in a huge increase in my confidence in making each putt, and more fun in making more putts. I highly recommend DC Putting.