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Pre-Coaching Consultation: $0

Dennis wants to work with motivated golfers who are open to him and his approach.  For Dennis to gain a player’s trust, he needs to sit down and talk with that potential student to explore fit.  He will do this with at no charge.

Putting Coaching

Single 50 Minute Lesson: $80

Improvement Package (5 lessons): $350

Backed by the DC Putt Money Back Guarantee

Dennis wants to help players improve.  Improvement will take time, effort, and more than one lesson from Dennis (or anyone).  If a player wants a single lesson, Dennis will give them one.  But only as an effort to help the player understand the wisdom in using the package approach.

The “Improvement Package” is Dennis’ attempt to communicate his value on working with motivated golfers and the truth that improvement takes time, effort, and persistent coaching.

Dennis’ commitment is to give every student his best effort to help them succeed.  The student’s commitment is to dedicate themselves and their time to consistent practice and regular lessons.

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Money Back Guarantee: The Improvement Package sessions must be utilized within an 8-week period.  The target timeframe between sessions would be 7-10 days with the student committing to daily practice.  At the end of the package, if the student has fulfilled their commitment and feels the time and energy were not worth the investment, Dennis will refund the fee.

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SAM Puttlab

Putter Fitting Season with SAM Puttlab (90 minutes): $120

This is done in Dennis’ private studio using the industry leading SAM Puttlab, along with a putting platform and some complimentary technologies like lasers, and even a $3 yardstick.  Dennis will measure how the player’s putter(s) perform and how their putter design(s) fit that player’s current set-up and technique.  He will provide the student with a SAM Puttlab report as well as a detailed set of putter design specifications that best fit them and their current technique.

Putter Stroke Blueprinting with SAM Puttlab and Video (60 minutes): $100

This is done in Dennis’ private studio using the industry leading SAM Puttlab, along with a putting platform and video capture.  Dennis will measure and document: how the player sets-up, moves their putter, and the technical performance of their stroke technique.  This blueprint, or fingerprint, can be helpful in the future should the player’s putting performance change and they want to explore potential causes/corrections.

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