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Should you use Putting Training Aids?

Putting training aids can be both invaluable assets in improvement and very hurtful to a golfer’s putting performance.  This can be true for the same specific training aid.  How is that possible? First, let’s discuss “how” putting training aids can be used, because there are a few different “objectives” they can serve, specifically three objectives…

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We’re talkin’ about PRACTICE.

There are three types of practice.  Each type is helpful for effective skill development.  It’s important to know each type, what they are designed to accomplish, and how to use each one to achieve your goals.  The three types of practice are: Block, Random, and Competitive.  Block Practice: Block practice is designed to “acquire” new…

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Do you want to putt better without improving your putting skill?

It sounds like a trick question, or the lead-in for a Golf Channel infomercial at 2 a.m., but it’s not a new club, ball, accessory, or shoe that will produce better putting without the need to increase your putting skill.  The answer to putting better with your current skill level is “the ability to better…

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Are You Wasting Your Time on the Practice Putting Green?

I am a people watcher.  As a putting coach, I find it interesting to watch people practice putting. While it is admirable that a player is motivated enough to invest time to practice their putting, I often feel badly for them many times because they are unlikely to be improving. Why? Because, most golfers do…

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